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Q1: Do the riders pay for their own tour?

A1: Every cyclist is paying for the actual tour by themselves and is encouraged to raise funds from family and friends.

      All private donations will go straight without any deduction towards the WorldVision project.

      Some of the proceeds from corporate sponsorship will be used for some organizational expenses, but the bulk will also be used to top up

      money raised by the private sponsors. The number of participants is limited. 


Q2: Can I bring my own bike?

A2: Yes you can!


Q3: Where can I donate?

A3: Here


Q4: How do I get to Udon Thani?

A4: It is easiest to fly to Bangkok and transfer to a flight to Udon Thani

          NokAir and AirAsia Thailand have regular flights to Don Muang (DMK) airport

          Thai Air and Thai Smile have daily flights from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Airport 


Q5: What is the fitness level required to join TTOH

A5: In general TTOH is accommodating various levels of fitness and cycling skills.

      This is achieved by having the support  of an established bike-tour agency with it’s  fleet of support vehicles and experienced guides.

      Riders would group together in various groups, depending on fitness level, each group accompanied by a guide.

      The support vehicle will provide plenty of refreshments in the breaks and will allow for tired cyclists to  sit out parts of the ride.

      There is always one support vehicle at the end so no rider gets lost.

      Having said this, a reasonable fitness and cycling level  of going 30 km at 20+km/h without break, multiple times a day, is expected.


Q6: How much money does a participating rider need to raise

A6: We expect each rider to approach friends, family and colleagues to raise money for our cause.

      We would expect that riders can easily raise several hundred dollars. At a minimum though each rider needs to raise US$ 200. 


Q7: Do the riders need to wear the TTOH  jerseys

A7: Each rider, receives two TTOH jerseys for free (on the condition that US$ 200 is raised).

      It is expected that the rider is wearing the TTOH  jersey each day of the tour.

      This is to fulfill our commitment  to our sponsors, who’s logos are displayed on the jersey.

      Also, it will benefit the rider not to get lost since the guides can easily spot a lost rider or a rider might get information that his

      group has just passed in a certain direction


Q8: Where to stay the first night prior to the tour start

A8: We strongly recommend you to stay at the Pannarai Hotel in Udon Thani as we have an early start on the 1st of November.

      You can reserve a room through Spiceroads at booking (price not included)


Q9: When can we depart Chiang Mai to catch a plane

A9: As we are not staying in Chiang Mai on the night of November 7th, please book a late morning or afternoon flight out of Chiang Mai.

      Bear in mind that we are an hour or so away from Chiang Mai Airport.


Last edited: 03-Aug-2014

Frequently Asked Questions

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