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The Tour of Hope (TTOH) is an international non-profit initiative of cycling enthusiasts who come from all walks of life. They aim to convert their passion for cycling into support for the less privileged.

Since 2006, they have held yearly bicycle tours in which riders raise funds for charitable causes that improve health and education.


In 2014, as in the previous years, TTOH will work together with World Vision of Thailand to build a library, along with books and computers, north of Chiang Mai so that more than 200 school children and 900 adults will have access to better knowledge. TTOH will also donate bicycles to needy children so that they can cycle to school.


The Tour of Hope 2014, will take place Nov 1-8 in Thailand. Starting in Udon Thani, the 750 km ride – not a race – will go west from the Thai-Laotian border, along the Mekong River to Chiang Mai. The cyclists will have the support of an established bike-tour agency with its fleet of support vehicles and experienced guides. At the end of the ride, the cyclists will see and meet the people they have helped with their efforts as we  hand over the library and bicycles. It’s an experience that is worth every drop of sweat from every meter of tarmac covered.


Our Values:

  • Cycling in nature and beautiful scenery and enjoying comradery with fellow cyclists from all  over the world

  • Creating sustainable solutions, owned by the communities, to give underprivileged kids a “future”

  • Supporting the  underprivileged in the area of health and education

  • Maximizing impact of every $ raised to our cause


What is Unique about our Approach:

  • We accommodate various cycling skills and fitness levels

  • We run our own charity projects so that 90%+ of  the funds raised go to the cause

  • We see the results of our donations with our own eyes


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